We offer an opportunity to invest in projects in the hospitality industry through Shared Ownership Investment (SOI) model. This model allows making an investment with relatively small initial funds. It works through buying shares in a company that owns and operates hospitality properties. It could be small hotels, resorts, hobby farms, cabins, lodges, etc.

Each individual investor receives dividends from the income generated by such business. And when the property is sold after a certain period of time, you receive your share of the sales proceeds as well.

Usually, such investment projects that are based on real estate, take 5 to 10 years to improve, modify, develop, and then sell with a profit. However, if you want to cash out earlier, you can sell your shares any time.


Scenario #1: Become a sole owner, if you have the required funds. Buy the entire property and run business by yourself.

Scenario #2: Become a co-owner. Buy shares in the company that owns the property, without being involved in business operation.

Scenario #3: Start with buying the property as a Sole Owner, then, if you need to recover funds, sell a portion of shares to individual investors, keeping your position of a principal co-owner and staying in charge of running this business.


If you own a hotel, a lodge or any other hospitality property, and you are looking for either obtaining extra funds or selling the entire business, we can offer a solution. As the properties like yours tend to be more expensive and more unique, it is much more difficult to find an interested buyer. We can help you by attracting not one, but a group of investors. Click on the link below to see how the SOI model can work for you as the business owner.