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The building has 3-storeys containing 13 apartments plus 2 detached bungalows. Built in 2007. Hotel has a large territory with fruit garden (lemons, apricots, oranges) and olive grove. It also has bar-restaurant, swimming pool and tennis court, designated area for barbeque, pizza and a lounge area. Rooftop terrace offers a breathtaking view.

Total living space is 800 sq.m. (8,611 sq.ft.). Lot size is 5,000 sq.m. (1.24 acres). Hotel is completely functional, does not require any renovation and additional investment. There is space for adding extra rooms, and good potentials for expanding business.

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Hotel sits in the mountains, in the outskirt of a small village on the coast of Aegean Sea, in Attica. Despite its proximity to Athens, it is located in a secluded area surrounded by olive groves with magnificent views. Just a short distance away (550 m) there is a small village with shops and restaurants and a charming small pebble beach with crystal clear water. Ideal place for nature lovers and those who are looking for relaxed and quite vacation away from hassles and bustles of touristic centres.

A short drive (55 km) to the capital of Greece, Athens, and International airport.

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Hotel Operation


This hotel is suitable for hosting large groups and big events, such as weddings, family reunions or tour groups. It could be booked entirely just for the members of such group without any other tourists living on the property.

Hotel is well established and has a high rating 7.8 (very good) on Booking.com. It can be easily managed by a family of two. Current owners hire 2 housekeepers, 1 gardener and 1 receptionist for the season. The business is operating for 4 months, and for this short period of time it provides the rate of return 12%, which is much above average.

Moreover, the building is equipped for the year-round use, and it has a space to add 7 more rooms on the fourth floor with balconies and private Jacuzzis. Therefore, there are many options to expand the business.

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Main building and pool
View from rooftop
Detached bungalow
Back entrance to the building
Main lobby and reception area
Hall at second floor
Hall at third floor
Outdoor breakfast area
Barbeque and pizza area

Word from Realtor

This property was selected during my search for small hotels that would be suitable for the retirees from the USA and Canada. It perfectly fits the criteria for those who want to move to South Europe and buy a property that would generate an income enough to cover their living expenses. As a realtor specializing in International real estate, I've picked up regions that meet certain criteria, where I constantly looking for suitable properties. Before presenting such properties to my clients, I visit them myself and check the provided information. Particularly, this hotel was carefully selected out of many other properties around Athens as a unique hotel located in beautiful surroundings that provides high rate of return. Please contact me if you are interested in this property, I'll be happy to provide more information and answer your questions.

With best regards,
Helen Riabinin, Real Estate Broker