Providing Assistance in Buying Overseas Properties

Helen Riabinin & Associates
will help you select the region, prepare for relocation, and assist you with purchasing a property

Consulting Services

When you plan to buy a real estate in another country, there are many things that you need to be aware of and prepare for. I and my team provide help to our clients with such preparation. Our goal is to be there for you from the very beginning and make sure that the entire process goes smoothly, without any surprises or complications.

First, we discuss your plans and needs. We help you figure out what you really expect from this investment and what you can afford. Particularly, we discuss the purpose of this purchase, and your main priorities. Then we help you assess your financial capacities. We analyze your assets including your real estate, and develop recommendations on re-structuring your assets so that you would have a sufficient cash flow.

Based on provided information about your plans, your needs and your budget, we help select the region and the property that would perfectly fit your requirements. In addition to that, we provide you with full information about the selected region, and prepare for you a set of step-by-step instructions for making a purchase.

The cost of a standard consultation package is $2,000 USD.

Please feel free to contact me with questions and inquiries. There are no any obligations or payment required until we sign a Service Agreement. All preliminary consultations are free, including rough assessment of your financial capacities and recommendation of possibly suitable for you regions.

Practical Help

In addition to consulting services, I provide an actual help along the entire process, starting from preparation for acquiring of an overseas property, and then on every step before, during, and after the purchase transaction.

I can provide a complete range of professional services within the capacity of a licensed realtor in the province of Ontario, such as selling your real estate and investing in income-generating properties in Ontario. Beyond that, I can represent you in dealing with different authorities and companies overseas to serve your needs, including finding local specialists, such as lawyers and tax planners. I can manage and control their work on your behalf.

If you want to visit the selected regions and see the properties, I and my team are ready to arrange such a trip for you as well.

Our ultimate goal is take care of all your needs and protect you from hassles and possible problems.

You Get a Team

In addition to being a licensed Real Estate Broker in Canada with many years of experience, I've also been working a lot with foreign clients, helping them buy real estate both in Canada and overseas. Therefore, hopefully, you can benefit from my expertise.

I have a graduate Degree in Economics and more than 25 years of business experience. I also have extensive experience working with legal documents, immigration cases and managing workflows. As a result, I am able to provide expert services on a wide range of issues, beyond simply buying and selling real estate. This includes topics such as financing, transactional support, and many other issues that can arise when purchasing real estate abroad.

Of course I can't do everything by myself. I have a team of specialists in all fields related to my clients' needs. This includes local real estate agents, lawyers, tax specialists, bankers and so on. They have been thoroughly selected to make sure the highest quality of services and expertise.

Therefore, be assured that with me you don't need to worry about anything, you are covered!